My name is Victor Solimine and for 34 years I was the Premier Elvis Tribute Artist in Central Texas.  I performed for more than 6,000 shows in that time, and the attached list shows some of them. With this history of many years in the entertainment field, I can honestly say that I know more about the art of being an Elvis Impersonator than anyone else in the Central Texas area.

When I started performing as Elvis there was no internet and everyone relied on Talent and Entertainment agencies to find the entertainers they needed.  A few websites created by desperate Elvis impersonators claim that they are the “Best Elvis” and the “Most Booked”, or “#1”.  Are they really?  These impersonators declined any singing and talent contest I challenged them to to avoid the comparisons and public scrutiny.  I know that the public wants real talent in the Elvis they chose, not someone who misses the show entirely or cancels leaving customers high and dry ruining their big plans.

I was exclusively called on by the nationally known productions of American Idol to a judge the season premier of various contestants in Austin, TX. This shows the amount of faith other agencies had in my ability to spot good entertainment.

There are many wonderful Elvis Tribute Artists in Texas, and in my years of entertainment, I knew who was good, and who didn’t deserve to be considered an Elvis Tribute Artist. I started getting frustrated with the Elvis image that many of these Elvis Impersonators represented.  So, I decided to start this Elvis Referral Service to help those in need of finding really good entertainment for their events.

I know that the public wants real talent in the Elvis they chose, not someone who does not have a good voice or that might have missing teeth that ruins the affect.  I also want to make sure that you do not accidentally book someone that wears a glued on wig and sideburns because he is actually bald.  Really, a bald Elvis!  In my years, I have been contacted by many disappointed customers who hired an Elvis like these only to find out there was no talent there and that wigs fall off.  And just because someone has enough money to purchase expensive costumes doesn’t mean he has any talent. Unfortunately you can’t believe the testimonials some have on different web sites simply because they just get their family members and friends to write biased and untrue testimonials.

By spending a few minutes on my Referral Service site, I will try my best to keep you from wasting your money on mediocre talent.  I’ve seen almost all Elvis Impersonators in Texas perform, and my site will let you know who of these I recommend.  I can also tell you which ones I would never recommend for one reason or another.

So, take a few minutes to consider the Elvis you think might be just what you are looking for.  If you can’t decide, contact me and I will do my best to help you.